Bojangles Nutrition Menu


Want to satisfy your craving for buttery biscuits, tasty seasoned fries, or fried chicken from Bojangles’ but watching your calorie intake?

Bojangles Nutrition Menu

We’ll break down the nutritional information for your favorite Bojangles’ dishes, from their signature chicken to their delicious sides and sweet treats.

So, you can make informed choices and enjoy a satisfying Bojangles’ meal that fits your dietary needs!

Bojangles Nutrition Menu

Bojangles Nutrition Menu

Bojangles Biscuits Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Sandwiches Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Sandwiches Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Wraps Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Wraps Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Salads Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Salads Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Sweets Menu Nutrition

Bo-berry Biscuits

Bojangles Kids’ Meal Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Kids' Meal Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Chicken Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Chicken Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Fixin’s Menu Nutrition facts

Bojangles Cajun pintos

Bojangles Drinks Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Drinks Menu

Bojangles Sauces Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Sauces Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Dressings Menu Nutrition

Bojangles Condiments Nutrition

Bojangles Low-Calorie Menu Items

Biscuit Calories
Bojangles Cajun Chicken Biscuit 370
Bojangles Sausage Biscuit 290
Bojangles Country Ham Biscuit 270
Bojangles Homestyle Tenders Biscuit 497

Bojangles High-Protein Menu Items

Menu Item Calories Protein
Bojangles Cajun Chicken Sandwich 490 30
Bojangles Original Chicken Tenders Meal 910 57
Bojangles Homestyle Tenders Meal 880 56
Bojangles Chicken Supreme Dinner 1052 66
Bojangles Family Meal 3350 197


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Bojangles Contact Information

Bojangles Contact Information

 Bojangles Chicken ‘n Biscuits Corporate Office Address: 310 E. Trade St., Ste. A-150 in Charlotte, NC

 Bojangles Chicken ‘n Biscuits Corporate Office Phone Number: 888-300-4265

To contact the team of Bojangles Chicken ‘n Biscuits, you can also fill the contact form on their website.

Bojangles Important Links

Bojangles Important Links

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Bojangles Social Media Handles

Bojangles Social Media Handles

FAQs – Bojangles Nutrition Menu

Why is the Bojangles Nutrition Menu important?

The Bojangles Nutrition Menu is important because it allows customers to make informed choices about what they eat. By knowing the nutritional information of each item, customers can choose items that are in line with their dietary needs and goals.

How do I use the Bojangles Nutrition Menu?

To use the Bojangles Nutrition Menu, simply find the food item that you are interested in, and look at the nutritional information. Additionally, The nutritional information is typically listed below the item name and description. This helps customers make healthier choices when ordering their meals.

Can I customize my order at Bojangles?

Yes, you can customize your order at Bojangles. For example, you can choose to add or remove toppings from your sandwich, or you can choose to substitute a side dish.

Does Bojangles offer nutritional counseling?

Furthermore, Bojangles offers nutritional counseling. You can speak to a registered dietitian to get personalized advice on how to eat healthy at Bojangles. This service ensures that customers have the support they need to make nutritious choices when dining at the restaurant.

What are some of the healthiest items on the Bojangles Nutrition Menu?

Let’s explore some of the healthiest items on the Bojangles Nutrition Menu:

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich (390 calories)
  • Side Salad (90 calories)
  • Green Beans (90 calories)
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (180 calories).

What are some of the highest-calorie items on the Bojangles Nutrition Menu?

On the other hand, it’s essential to be aware of some of the highest-calorie items on the Bojangles Nutrition Menu:

  • Supremes Combo (1,030 calories)
  • Cajun Filet Biscuit (570 calories)
  • Steak Biscuit (630 calories)
  • Large Bojangles Fries (420 calories).

Does Bojangles offer any low-fat items?

Additionally, for those seeking lower-fat options, Bojangles has a variety of choices:

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich (6 grams of fat)
  • Side Salad (2 grams of fat)
  • Green Beans (0 grams of fat)
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (11 grams of fat)

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