23 Fast Food Fries Ranked From Best To Worst


Fast Food Fries Ranked From Best To Worst – A Guide for Fry Lovers

Fries from fast food restaurants are a guilty pleasure for many of us, but not all fries are the same.

You’ve come to the right place if you like fries and want to find the best fast-food fry.

In this guide, we’ll tell you which fast-food fries are the best and which are the worst, so you can get your fix of crispy, salty goodness.

We’ve tried all of them, from McDonald’s to Arby’s, and are ready to tell you what we thought. So, get some ketchup and get ready to dive into the world of fast-food fries.

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1. McDonald’s

This isn’t some hipster list where we name something you’ve never heard of and say it’s the best.

Some things have been around for a long time for a reason, and McDonald’s fries are one of those things.

Maybe it’s because fast food fries are so common that we all expect them to taste like McDonald’s fries, but these are truly unique.

Each stick is thin and has a thick layer of fried potato on the outside that gives way to a soft, fluffy center. The right amount of crunchy and soft is there.

You know they’re good when they have the nerve to call them “World Famous Fries.”

Yes, McDonald’s owns the rights to that term. Because their fries are so great.

People love fries because they have just the right amount of potato, salt, beef taste, and crunch.

2. Five Guys

Because of Five Guys, every fast food business in the world should think twice about its fries. Are fries cut by hand? Check. Helping out a lot?

Check. Don’t worry about that paper bag with one helping of fries in a greasy peanut oil mess that would be three servings anywhere else.

Every time, these fries have just the right amount of salt on them, and their texture is just right—crispy without being dry.

They may cost more than the sad potatoes that Burger King gives out, but man, are they worth it?

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FAQs- Fast Food Fries Ranked From Best To Worst

What are the best fast food french fries?

Related query: “Top ranked fast food french fries” Based on reviews and taste tests, some of the highest ranked fast food fries include McDonald’s, Five Guys, Arby’s, and Chick-fil-A.

What fast food has the crispiest fries?

Related query: “Crispiest fast food french fries” Chains like Culver’s, Checkers/Rally’s, and Nathan’s Famous are known for their extra crispy, well-seasoned fries.

Are McDonald’s fries actually good?

Related query: “McDonald’s french fry quality” McDonald’s fries rank highly due to their perfectly crispy outside and fluffy interior when fresh. However, quality can vary by location.

What are the healthiest fast food french fry options?

Related query: “Healthier fast food french fries” Some healthier options include the kid’s fries from Burger King, Arby’s and Chick-fil-A which are fried in better oils and lower in calories.

Why do some fast food fries taste better than others?

Related query: “What makes great tasting french fries” Factors like the type of potato, oil used, frying method, and seasonings can greatly impact a french fry’s flavor and texture.

How are fast food french fries made?

Related query: “Fast food french fry production” Most chains wash, cut, fry, freeze and then re-fry fries from real potatoes using a double-fry or par-fry cooking method.

What fast food has the most addictive fries?

Related query: “Most addicting fast food french fries” Fries from McDonald’s, Five Guys, and Checkers are often cited as the most addictive and irresistible fast food options.

Do any fast food places offer sweet potato fries?

Related query: “Fast food restaurants with sweet potato fries” While not extremely common, chains like Burger King, Qdoba, Red Robin and Smashburger offer sweet potato fry options.

Which fast food fry is the biggest portion?

Related query: “Largest fast food french fry portion” Five Guys is well-known for its overflowing portions of fresh-cut fries, often too much for one person.

What are the worst fast food french fry fails?

Related query: “Fast food french fry fails” Overly dry, soggy, cold or under-seasoned fries are common complaints, with chains like Long John Silver’s and Domino’s rated poorly.