Popular Bojangles’ Menu Items, Ranked Best To Worst


Do you want some of the renowned fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits from Bojangles?

Wondering what other delicious options are on the menu? Look no further! This guide will explore the popular Bojangles’ menu, giving you a rundown of their breakfast favorites, lunchtime classics, and tempting sides.

Popular Bojangles' Menu Items

Whether you’re a Bojangles’ regular or a curious first-timer, this post will help you navigate their menu with ease and discover your new favorite meal. So dive in and get ready to experience the taste of the South!

1. Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit

Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit

Want to know what the best food is on the menu? The Cajun chicken filet bun has what you’re looking for. This is different from any other breakfast meal you’ve had from a fast food place.

Once you try it, you’ll want to go back to Bojangles’ just to get it again and again. One of Bojangles’ best biscuits is the first part of this dish.

The perfect little sandwich is then made by putting chicken inside. But what really makes this sandwich stand out is how the chicken is seasoned.

Instead of just being a regular fried chicken breast, this one has Cajun flavor added to it. You can really get a taste of New Orleans this way.

It’s a little bit hot, but not too much so that most people shouldn’t have a problem with it. Even though it looks like breakfast food because it’s on a bun, this sandwich could be eaten at any time of day.

2. Pimento Cheese Biscuit

Pimento Cheese Biscuit

We bet that you won’t find a pimento cheese cookie anywhere else but at Bojangles’. You just don’t see it on menus very often. So if you can try it at this fast food place, you should. You have to try Bojangles’ pimento cheese biscuit for yourself to believe it.

Pimento cheese is a spread made of cheese, mayonnaise, spices, and peppers. It has a lot of taste and is just a little bit spicy. If you really like cheese, this cookie is almost certain to become your favorite.

A buttery biscuit is topped with a lot of Bojangles’ famous pimento cheese spread, and you have breakfast (or lunch… or dinner). Even though it sounds simple, the taste is anything but.

And what’s best? If you love the pimento cheese spread so much that you want to take some home, you can: The restaurant also serves large tubs of its pimento cheese spread.

3. Bone-in Chicken Meal

Bone-in Chicken Meal

When it comes to bone-in chicken meals at Bojangles’, you have a lot of choices. You can really make what you want to suit your own tastes. Want something different to eat? We recommend the leg and hip in two pieces or the breast and wing in two pieces.

If you want the juiciest chicken and you’re really hungry, you can always get the three-piece leg and two legs. Or, choose the three wings if you know what you like and want to stick with it.

You’ll be happy with your choice of bone-in chicken pieces, though, no matter how you put them together. This is because this chicken tastes so good.

It’s way better than the tenders because the bones help keep the juices in. The breading is also nice and crisp and has just the right amount of spice.

Just remember that when you choose one of these meals, you can choose a few sides. There are many choices, but a pancake and Cajun pinto beans are always good choices. You can thank us whenever you want.

4. Cajun Pintos

Cajun Pintos

Who would have thought that a side dish would be so high on our list? But we really think that the Cajun pintos at Bojangles’ deserve to win this spot.

Beans might seem like the easiest side dish ever, but when you add tasty Cajun spices to them, they become something you can’t stop eating.

Since these beans are cooked slowly, they keep a lot of their taste. They are soft, but not too soft. And they happen to be the best thing to add to a meal.

We recommend getting these beans with a bone-in chicken meal, especially if you’re ordering a lot of food for the family and want to have enough to share.

They’re a healthy side dish that can pack a lot of taste into a small size. Just because these beans aren’t the most exciting thing on the menu doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them. Once you do, you’ll see why they’re so popular.

5. Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Cajun Chicken Sandwich

If you want something other than a biscuit for lunch or dinner at Bojangles’, we recommend the Cajun chicken sandwich. The grilled chicken left a lot to be desired, but the fried form of this dish is definitely not like that.

The chicken patty is nice and crisp, which goes well with the freshness of the lettuce and tomato. Some mayonnaise is also added to give the mixture a creamy texture.

But the chicken in this sandwich isn’t just good because it’s breaded. It’s more likely the spices. Cajun spices really bring out the meat’s flavors. Don’t worry, it’s not too spicy unless you add your own hot sauce, which we highly recommend.

Get some fries and a drink to go with it, and you’ll have the perfect chicken sandwich meal.

6. Supremes Tenders

Supremes Tenders

Chicken strips aren’t always the most interesting thing on a menu, especially since you can get them almost anywhere.

So, we think it’s best to usually skip the tenders and try something a little more exciting. But at Bojangles’, it’s all about the chicken, so feel free to get the supremes tenders if that’s what you want.

We don’t think you’ll be upset by them at all.

Whole chicken breasts are used to make these pieces, which are then breaded and fried until they are nice and crispy. Chicken breast is often kind of dry, but these tenders won’t be.

They have a wonderful juicy quality that will make you want more. If you want the real Bojangles’ taste, you should get them with a biscuit on the side.

7. Southern Gravy Biscuit

Southern Gravy Biscuit

Classic biscuits and gravy might be the most Southern food there is. It’s a standard that’s been around for a long time because it’s tasty and filling. But you might not think of it as something you can get at a fast food place.

Well, we’d like to tell you about Bojangles’ Southern gravy biscuit. It tastes like it came straight from the home of a Southern grandma. The soft, buttery biscuit soaks up the gravy, giving it a texture you’re sure to enjoy.

The little bits of sausage in the gravy gives it a salty taste that makes the dish taste even better.

The only reason this item isn’t higher on our list is because it’s hard to eat on the go or even just while sitting in your car. And since the drive-thru brings in 80% of the company’s money, that doesn’t seem like the best scenario.

But if you have time to sit down and eat this biscuit with a knife and fork, you should try it.

8. Bo-Berry Biscuit

Bo-Berry Biscuit

Bojangles’ isn’t usually thought of as a place to get dessert, but if you’re already there and want something sweet, we know just what you should get.

Bojangles’ menu has a few different choices, but if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth the best way possible, you’ll need to choose wisely. We think you should get the Bo-Berry cookie because of this.

It’s a sweet cookie with “Bo-Berries,” which are just blueberry bits with a fancy name from Bojangles. The biscuit has a strong blueberry flavor and is crunchy and moist, just like the brand’s other biscuits.

The sweet icing drizzled over the whole cookie is another thing that makes this dish stand out.

If you want to try a treat that you can’t get anywhere else, you should try the Bo-Berry biscuit.

9. Dirty Rice

Dirty Rice

Now that we’ve taken care of your breakfast side dish, what about lunch and dinner? If you’re tired of fries and want to try something new, we recommend trying Bojangles’ dirty rice.

This isn’t something you’ll find at every fast food place, which is what makes the New Orleans-inspired taste so exciting. This tasty side dish is made with rice, sausage, and a lot of spices.

Now, we’re going, to be honest: you shouldn’t expect classic, homemade-tasting dirty rice because, well, you’re at a fast food place and not a long-time New Orleans favorite. Don’t have too high of hopes for the side dish, or you might be let down.

Overall, though, it’s a really good choice, and we love that we don’t have to choose between a carton of fries and this. Almost every main dish on the menu goes well with this side.

10. Bo-Tato Rounds

Bo-Tato Rounds

You can always get french fries with your bread, but that just doesn’t feel right. Maybe a different kind of potato would work better. The Bo-Tato Rounds are next.

These are simply a type of hash brown, but instead of being rectangular or oval, they’re in the shape of small discs. You could eat these with anything from Bojangles’, but we think they go best with the breakfast choices.

They make a good side dish that most people will enjoy. And there’s a hint of onion in the potatoes, which makes them much more interesting.

Bo-Tato rounds aren’t really anything new: You’ve probably seen potatoes that look like this at a lot of places. But if you really want a side dish first thing in the morning, we think this is the best choice.

This is a hint: Instead of eating them on the side of your sandwich, you can take your biscuit to the next level by putting them inside the sandwich. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

11. Country Ham Biscuit

Country Ham Biscuit

The country ham biscuit is a type of biscuit that you won’t find at most other fast food chains. When you first see this, you probably won’t think much of it. It doesn’t look very interesting.

But wait! Please don’t send it back yet. If you try it, you’ll find that it has a really interesting taste that you won’t find in many other Bojangles’ items.

The Country ham is also called Canadian bacon, but it has been fried until it is perfectly crisp. It’s not too thick, but since the taste is so strong, you don’t need much of it to compete with the biscuit.

Even though this sandwich is very simple, sometimes easy is just what you want. And just because this food is simple doesn’t mean it won’t taste great. It’s something to think about if you’re in the drive-thru and can’t decide what to get.

12. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

The bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit is a good choice, but if you want something even better, try the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit instead. As you might have guessed, this breakfast is pretty much the same as the last one.

Instead of bacon, this one has sausage. Again, this is a pretty simple meal that can be found almost anywhere. We think that makes it less special than other things at Bojangles’ that are more unique. But this one is good when it comes to taste.

Unlike the bacon, egg, and cheese cookie, this one will actually have a lot of meat. The sausage patty is pretty thick, so it gives the rest of the bread just the right amount of umami. Also, that sausage is very juicy, and who doesn’t like it when the meat juices soak into the biscuit?

13. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

A bacon, egg, and cheese cookie is probably the most basic breakfast food there is, right? That means that you can get classic bacon, egg, and cheese at Bojangles’ and pretty much anywhere else you go to eat breakfast.

Do we think it’s the best food Bojangles’ has to offer? No, not at all. There are a lot of more interesting things on the menu that we would rather order. But if you like to stick to what you know, this cookie might be the way to go.

As you might expect, the bacon, egg, and cheese all taste good together. The salty and crunchy bacon gives the soft, melted egg and cheese what they need to really stand out.

The only thing we don’t like about the sandwich is that we wish there was a little bit more bacon in it. There isn’t much bacon, which isn’t great.

14. Homestyle Tenders Salad

Homestyle Tenders Salad

Do you want a salad that will please your taste buds more than the ones we’ve already suggested? If that’s the case, you could prefer the tenders salad with a home-cooked twist.

As you might have suspected, the salad component of this dish is similar to others we’ve already covered. Salad greens, cabbage, carrots, grape tomatoes, and that strange yellow cheese are still there. Although the salad itself falls short of expectations, the chicken is still to come.

The fried chicken fritters that top this salad are what elevate it from a dismal pile of vegetables to a respectable lunch. If you make sure to include chicken in each and every bite, you should like this salad.

Do you think this salad ranks among the best you’ve ever had? Not at all! But if you’re hungry and at Bojangles’, it’s an option to think about if you want to eat healthily.

15. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

We didn’t care for the grilled chicken salad, but the grilled chicken sandwich is a slight improvement… but only just. One thing we enjoy about this sandwich is that you know you’re going to get a fairly large amount of beef on it.

That means you’ll almost certainly be completely full by the end. However, when it came to the flavor of the sandwich, we were underwhelmed.

That chicken, however sizable, does not appear to contain a substantial number of spices. It’s juicy, to be sure, but it’s devoid of flavor.

The rest of the sandwich is very typical. Lettuce, tomato, and mayo lend a bit more texture and flavor to the sandwich, but not enough for us to justify purchasing it. While it is healthier than fried ones, it is not as appetizing.

16. Sausage Biscuit

Sausage Biscuit

We have to confess that the sausage biscuit at Bojangles’ is superior to the egg and cheese biscuit. Again, the biscuit is delicious, and when combined with the saltiness of a slab of pork, you can’t go wrong in terms of flavor.

However, the sausage biscuit suffers from the same issue as the egg and cheese biscuit: there is simply not enough going on. We found ourselves wanting for anything else to be on this sandwich.

We were disappointed because a single slice of cheese or some honey butter would have gone a long way.

Those searching for a basic and smaller breakfast may find this to be a decent alternative on those mornings when they’re on the move and can’t grab something more substantial, which is completely understandable.

Just be aware that you will most likely not be served the most delicious dish on the menu.

17. Egg and Cheese Biscuit

Egg and Cheese Biscuit

If you’re looking for the most boring breakfast sandwich you’ve ever eaten in your life, the egg and cheese biscuit from Bojangles’ is for you. Let me start by admitting that the egg and cheese biscuit isn’t very horrible.

Nothing is seriously wrong with it. The biscuit is delicious, and the egg and cheese taste just like that: egg and cheese. However, because there is nothing else on this biscuit, it ends up being a bit of a letdown.

Because neither the egg nor the cheese are particularly tasty, you’ll be lacking something meatier or more substantial.

Picky eaters and small children may enjoy this breakfast sandwich, but if you genuinely want the best biscuits Bojangles’ has to offer, we believe you should skip this one in favor of the exquisite breakfast biscuits we’ll describe next.

18. Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

We hate to tell it, but Bojangles’ grilled chicken salad isn’t a really tasty dish. We wish it was because it appears to be one of the healthier options on the menu.

After all, just because you’re going to a fast food restaurant doesn’t mean you don’t want a satisfying meal. However, unless you prefer a boring dinner, we would not recommend this salad.

The veggie element of the dish, like the garden salad, has nothing to it. The lettuce is wet, and the vegetables are few. Furthermore, the cheese on top is unappealing.

We had thought that the grilled chicken would save this salad from being a letdown, but that was not the case. This grilled chicken tastes as if it hasn’t been seasoned at all.

Who says you have to eat tasteless chicken to enjoy a healthy meal? Certainly not us.

19. Coleslaw


It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the coleslaw didn’t get very good marks.

How many coleslaws from fast food have you tried and really liked? Probably not many, if you’re like us. If you still want to order cabbage from Bojangles, let us warn you: It’s not worth it.

The first thing you might notice about this salad is that it has almost no color. It doesn’t look like it’s full of vegetables. Instead, it looks kind of pale, washed out, and off-white, which isn’t very appealing.

It has a special blend of spices in it, but the taste isn’t very good. There is nothing exciting going on. Also, the vegetables look a little sad and limp.

When you order fast food, it’s always a good idea to get some vegetables on the side, but these are probably not the kinds of vegetables you’ll enjoy when you sit down to eat them. Next time, try something else from the sidebar.

20. Green Beans

Green beans

We get that not everyone wants to order fries again as a side dish at a fast food place. Sometimes you want to try something new and different, or at least something better than what you’re used to.

So, it sounds like the green beans at Bojangles’ are a good choice. But if you really like green beans, you’re about to be let down. Why? Because they might be the most boring side dish you’ve ever had.

The Bojangles’ website says that these cooked green beans are made with a lot of spice, but you can’t really taste it. Instead, it will taste like plain green beans that have been cooked too long.

You could instead buy a can of green beans from the store and save a lot of money (and possibly enjoy them more once you add your own spices).

We understand that you want to try something new and order a new side, but if we were you, we wouldn’t get this one.

21. Steak Biscuit

Steak biscuit

You’ve probably eaten breakfast at a lot of fast food places, and many of them serve the same things.

You can always have a bread with an egg, some cheese, and meat, right? But since Bojangles’ is known for its biscuits, it makes sense that it would try cookie combinations that you might not be as familiar with.

One of these main dishes? The steak cookie. In theory, this cookie should taste great. What could possibly go wrong with country-fried steak on a thick, delicious biscuit?

We’re sorry to tell you this, but it’s not that good. You may not like how tough the steak is. We like that the steak was deep-fried, but that seems to have made it a little bit dry.

When you add that to the bread, which is already very dense, you get a breakfast sandwich that is really hard to eat. If you want a breakfast that will help you get the most out of your day, this isn’t it.

22. Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese

Mac and cheese seems like one of those meals that is hard to mess up. All things considered, it’s just pasta and cheese, right? What could go wrong, anyway? Well, it looks like the answer is “a lot,” since Bojangles’ mac and cheese leaves a lot to be desired.

You know how the best pasta is cooked al dente and has a bit of a bite to it? That’s not what this fast food place’s mac and cheese will give you.

Instead, the elbow pasta is just a bunch of wet wheat. Not the kind of thing you want to eat with your tasty biscuit.

The cheese sauce doesn’t help all that much. It tastes a little bit like cheese, but that’s about it. This mix almost doesn’t taste like it has any spices in it. Overall, it’s just very dull and doesn’t have much taste or texture.

23. Garden Salad

Garden Salad

Sometimes, all you want is a healthy, fresh side dish to go with your fast food meal. That makes perfect sense. If you’re eating a lot of hot food, crisp, fresh greens are the perfect side dish.

So, you might want to order the garden salad from Bojangles’. We’re here to tell you that this bowl of vegetables probably won’t be your favorite.

As you might expect from a side salad at a fast food restaurant, this item is about as simple as it gets. You got it: the base is made of iceberg lettuce.

It also has cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a few other fresh vegetables on top, but let’s be honest: the sides aren’t that great.

Putting cheese on top might be the saddest thing about it. It just sits on top of the salad in all its shredded glory, adding nothing but salty, flavorless cheese. Our tip? If you really want a salad at Bojangles’, get a main salad with chicken. You’ll be glad you did.

24. Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie

The sweet potato pie is the one thing on the menu that we would strongly advise you not to try. A lot of fast food sweets aren’t very good, but this one really takes the cake (haha).

It’s a puff pastry that looks like it was made in a factory and could almost be something from a public school lunch. It’s full of sweet potato filling that doesn’t really taste like sweet potato.

Instead, it’s too sweet and has no taste at all. Really, the only taste you can really taste is sugar.

The cinnamon butter spread helps this treat a little bit, but not enough to make us want you to try it. You should choose one of the other treats that Bojangles’ has to offer instead.

If you don’t like sweet potato pie, you might as well go somewhere else for dessert because you might want to avoid it like the plague.

Now, go get yourself one. You might just find a new fast food meal that you love.

Popular Bojangles’ Conclusion

Finally, Bojangles’ offers a selection of popular menu dishes that are both excellent and reasonably priced.

There’s something on the menu for everyone, from the distinctive Cajun Filet Biscuit to the classic Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits.

Sides and drinks are also available to complement your main course. Bojangles Menu Prices vary by location, but you can usually expect to pay around $3-$5 for a single menu item, and $6-$10 for a combo meal.

If you’re seeking for Southern-style comfort cuisine at a reasonable price, Bojangles’ is a must-try!

FAQs – Popular Bojangles’ Menu Items

FAQs About Popular Bojangles' Menu Items

Does Bojangles’ have any food choices that are better for you?

A: Bojangles’ is known for its Southern-style comfort food, but the menu also includes salads and grilled chicken sandwiches, which are healthier choices.

What are the cookies at Bojangles’ made of?

A: The cookies at Bojangles are made with flour, buttermilk, and shortening.

Does Bojangles’ serve food all day long?

A: Yes, breakfast foods like biscuits, sandwiches, bowls, and plates are available all day long at Bojangles’.

What is Bojangles’ mix of spices?

A: The flavor blend at Bojangles is a secret mix of spices and herbs that are used to season the fried chicken, biscuits, and other foods on the menu.

Can I change what I order from Bojangles?

A: Yes, customers can change their orders at Bojangles by asking for different sauces, toppings, or swaps.

What is the name of the chicken dish at Bojangles?

A: The chicken sandwich at Bojangles is just called the Bojangles’ Chicken Sandwich.

What does Bojangles’ have to offer?

A: Bojangles’ has a range of sides, such as seasoned fries, mac and cheese, green beans, and cole slaw.

Can I place a Bojangles’ order online?

A: Yes, people can order Bojangles’ online through their website or mobile app for pickup or delivery.

What is the sweet tea at Bojangles?

A: The sweet tea at Bojangles is made with black tea and sugar in the traditional Southern way.

Does Bojangles’ have options for people who can’t eat gluten?

A: Bojangles’ doesn’t have a separate gluten-free menu, but some menu items, like the Grilled Chicken Salad, don’t have gluten in them.

Does Bojangles’ have deals or specials?

A: Yes, Bojangles’ has sales and deals all the time, such as discounts on combo meals, items that are only available for a short time, and deals for holidays.

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